Jaswinder Virdee

Minimalist WordPress & CMS specialist ( this site was not built on a CMS )


Hello - Hi, my name is Jaswinder Virdee. I am a self taught traditional Front End Web Developer with over 15 years experience. I started off working in the Music and Entertainment industries, then in Social Media for several years - With a brief stint as Lead Developer at a Hair & Beauty Retail Company. I now work at Facebook.


  • Over 15 Years writing HTML & CSS.
    I like using BEM as my naming methodology & SASS as my CSS Preprocessor.
  • More than a decade of building with WordPress.
    I have built everything from single WordPress Blogs to several language and mapped sub-domain Multisite WordPress installs working as complex CMS systems.
  • Several years of working with JavaScript.
    I have mostly been working with Templating Languages like Handlebars & Mustache as well as Frameworks like Zepto.js, jQuery & BackBone.js.
  • I use Gulp as my Build Tool of choice and my Package Manager of choice is NPM.
    I have been using Git & SVN to deploy sites for the last 8 years.
  • I am passionate about working with Designers of all skill levels in creating Design Systems, Component Libraries, Prototypes and Style Guides from a Mobile First approach with User Experience & Performance high on the agenda.




Robin Grant Global Managing Director: We Are Social

I don't know what he does but he's good at it.

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